Urban Storm Limited’s display apparatus, comprising frames and posters, are protected by intellectual property rights (IPRs) including one or more of the following patents and/or pending patent applications:

  • United Kingdom patent no. 2382712 and patent applications nos. 0520665.1 and 0524872.9;
  • European patent no. 1449188 (validated in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece,
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  • United States patent application no. 10/497,104;


  • UK and Community design rights.


No rights to such IPRs are granted to purchasers of Urban Storm display apparatus and/or frames save for the right to use the frame with posters supplied by the Company or an authorised supplier. Please contact Urban Storm for an up to date list of authorised suppliers. The URBANSTORM name and logo are registered trade marks of Urban Storm Limited. Urban Storm Limited copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.